Medico Labs for pharmaceutical industry realizes since its birth, the importance of moral and humane duty especially since it has been considered one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Syrian Arab Republic. From the beginning it worked seriously and topically in order to produce high quality pharmaceutical products, It also struggle to preserve the environment and reduce pollution comes from industrial remains. Besides the company do its best to create a safe work environment with low risks, all the prior efforts are spent to support our products in order to win the main purpose of quality standards which is customer satisfaction.

A clear policy has been emerged from the visibility of Medico Labs and its deep faith in the importance of humanitarian work and for this Medico labs for pharmaceutical products adhere to the following.

  • Belief and work in Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (GMP) and International quality specifications for management (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001). In addition to work tirelessly to improve IMSM and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • Continuous development of the production quality and quantity through the development of processes, reduce wasting in order to increase customer satisfaction, protect the environment, minimize the use of water and electric resources, reduce the risk of work through setting IMSM goals and review these goals and their effectiveness to make sure that they are consistent with the aspirations of Medico Labs.
  • Unlimited commitment in legislation, environmental laws, OH&SAS, Good Manufacturing Practice and other requirements.
  • Provide a continuous training for the employees in Medico labs, and making sure of their awareness about the commitment of Safe and friend environment operating procedures, and that their activities observing all the requirements of Good Manufacturing practices (GMP). The company adhere working to support their employees’ performance through rewarding the distinguished employees and punishing the neglectful ones through doing frequently evaluation for the employees under the supervising of administrative board in the company to evaluate the performance and achievement levels.
  • The company policy declared and understood inside the company over all administrative and functional levels, besides it also should be updated continuously in order to keep peace with the continuous evolution of the company.