• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Atropine Sulphate 5 mg/ 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Atropine Sulphate

Properties  : 

Atropine is  an antimuscarinic   alkaloid  with  both  peripheral  and  central actions .

Indications :

* Atropine – Medico is  used  as  a cycloplegic  and mydriatic :Dilatation of the pupil occurs in  half an hour Following one  local  application,  and  lasts  for  a week  or  more; marked   paralysis   of   accommodation is obtained  in 1  to 3 Hours with recovery in 7 – 12 days .

* It  is  used  in  the  treatment  of  iritis  and  uveitis  to  immobilization the ciliary muscle and  iris,  and  to  Prevent  or  break  down  adhesions .

* Because   of   its   powerful   cycloplegic   action,   Atropine  is  also  used  in  the determination  of   refraction

 in  children   below   the   age  of   6   years,  and  in children with convergent strabismus .

Adverse effects :

* Systemic  toxicity  effects  may  be produced  by the instillation of antimuscarinic eye drops, especially in children .

* Prolonged      administration     of   Atropine – Medico   to     the   eye  may  cause  local irritation, oedema, and Conjunctivitis .

* An  increase  in   intra-ocular   pressure  may occur,  especially  in  patients  with closed-angle glaucoma .

* Hypersensitivity  to  Atropine – Medico rarely  may occur as conjunctivitis.

Precautions :

Atropine – Medico should   not   be   given   to  patients   with   closed-angle glaucoma  or to  patients  with  a narrow  angle  between  the  iris and the cornea, since it may be raise intra-ocular pressure

andprecipitate an Acute attack .

Dosage :

* In the  treatment  of  ocular   inflammatory   disorders  such   as  uveitis  or  iritis

– In adults : 1 or 2 drops of 0.5% or 1% solution instilled into  the eye(s)up  to  four times daily .

– In  children  :  ( 1 – 2 )  drops   of  a  0.5% solution ( or one drop of a 1% solution )instilled up to three times daily .

* For  refraction  in  adults,  the  dose  is  one  drop  of  a 1%  solution twice daily for  1  or  2  days  before  the

Examination  and one hour before examination .

In   children    the    dose    for    refraction   is   1   or   2  drops  of   0.5%   solution instilled  twice  daily  for  1  to  3 days before the examination, with  a further dose given one hour before the procedure .

* There   are   some   who   recommend   that   Atropine  sulphate  should  not  be instilled   into   the   eyes   of   Children    younger   than  3  months  of  age  due  to apossible  association  between  the  cycloplegia  produced  and  the  development Of amblyopia .

Packaging :

Bottle of 10 ml.