• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Cream
  • Composition : Silver Sulphadiazine 10 mg/ 1 g
  • Active Substance : Silver Sulphadiazine

Properties :
Silver Sulfadiazine has board spectrum antimicrobial activity, it is bactericidal for many gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, in addition to its effect against yeasts .
sufficient data have been obtained that silver Sulfadiazine will inhibit bacteria which have resistant
to other antimicrobial agent .
the importance of this compound due to Sulfadiazine, also studies showed that actmechanism of
Silver Sulfadiazine on bacteria differs from Silver Nitrate and Sodium Sulfadiazine, which effects
on cell membrane and its wall to produce its bactericidal effect .

Indications :
* For the prevention and treatment of wounds sepsis in patients with second and third-degree burns .
* Legs ulceration .

Precautions :
* Should be administered withgreatcaution to patients with history of hypersensitivity to Silver
Sulfadiazine , if any allergic reactions appears, discontinue therapy .
* In the treatment of burning – wounds involving extensive areas of the body, serum Sulfa
concentration should controled continuously .
* Renal function should be watched carefully to avoid renal failure .
Nursing mother : it is not known Silver Sulfadiazine excreted in mother milk, however sulfonamids
are known to beexcretedin mother milk since all sulfonamides derivatives are known to increase
possibility of keratoderma so Brandex should be used with care in nursing mother .
Sulfonamide therapy increases possibility of kernicterus. Brandex should not be used at :
* pregnancy .
* Premature infants .
* New born infants during first 2 months of life .

Side effects :
* Skin discoloration may rarely occur in some patients, but this discoloration disappear at
discontinuation of therapy .
* Prolonged use causes : necrosis, erythema multiformis, leukocytopenia, leukocyte levels usually
return its normal within two to three days after discontinuation therapy .
* Some adverse reactions which have been associated with sulfonamide are as Follows :
– Blood dyscrasia – Allergic reactions

Dosage & Administration :
Burns are cleaned by using sterile hand gloves, Brandex is applied to the affected area, once to
twice daily, with trying to keep (the cream or ointment) as long as possible and for internal burning
wounds a suitable dressing may be used.

Storage Conditions : store up to 30oC
How supplied :
Brandex cream & Ointment of 20 – 40 – 400 grams .