• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Syrup
  • Composition : Bromhexine HCl 4 mg / 5 mL
  • Active Substance : Bromhexine HCl

Bromhexine HCl is considered a mucolytic agent used for the treatment of Respiratory disorders associated with the presence mucoviscidosis [ as some refrences speak about the eect of Bromhexine in diluting the mucosa secretions ، Moreover [ it also stimulates lacrimal secretion of sjogren’s syndrome [
and accelerates the antibiotics penetration in the inammatories of mucosa
Bromhexine is rapidly absorbed from gastro intestinal tract [ and about 90% of the dose is excreted in the urine mainly as metabolites
the  half life of its about 6.5 hours


 Bromhexin  Medico is used for the treatment of  Bacterial infections of the respiratory system associated with heavy viscous sputum especially :
– Chronic and acute bronchitis
– Allergic bronchitis especially bronchial asthma associated with viscous sputum
– Chronic obstructive pneumonia
– Bronchiectasis
May be used in lesions which associated with xeromucosa in Reiter -Sjogren‘s

Side effects:
– Rarely some gastro intestinal disorders such as nausea and vomiting may occur
-Transient rises in the serum amino transferase

Precautions :  this medicine Should be used carefully  especially in parenteral
use  in cases of anergy of mucus elimination mechanisms  as in cases of coma and anesthesia
– Should be used with care in patients with impaired renal and hepatic function [ also
In patients with a history of peptic ulceration

Drug interactions
Bromhexin medico should not be used with medicine wich has an atropinic effects
Should be used during pregnancy and nursing period as physician prescriptions

Usage & Administration Adults  : 1 -2  spoonful or  1 – 2  tablets  3 – 4
times daily as severity of clinical case
Children over 5 years : one teaspoonful  5 ml  four times daily
Children 1- 5 years : 1 -2 teaspoonful -2.5 ml -three times daily

Storage : Store at temperature below 25 oC
Packing : Bromhexin -Medico syrup Bottle / 100 ml
Bromhexin – Medico tablets  20 tablets / box