• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Ointment
  • Composition : Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.25 mg+ Neomycin Sulphate 5 mg/ 1 gr
  • Active Substance : Fluocinolone Acetonide +Neomycin Sulphate

Cinolone-N is a combination of Fluocinolone acetonide which is a synthetic corticosteroid
and considered one of the most potent highly eective corticosteroidal compounds which is used for its
antiinammatory multiple purposes intended for the topical applications
Neomycin sulphate is an eective bactericidal agent which is eective against a wide range of bacterial
spectrum including staphylococcus  gram negative streptococcus
The advantages of Neomycin added are manifested when combined with the topical
corticosteroidal treatment in Cinolone-N preparation appears during the first few days of the topical
application especially when treating skin infections caused by considerable number of bacteria where
Cinolone-N is recommended for the chronic dermatological infections producing pruritus as well as
the exudative purulent diseases

Indications :
Infections exudative eczema
All dermatological inflammation associated with infection

Side effects:
short term treatment with corticosteroids may rarely cause side effects but long term treatment may
cause some side effects such as  acne[ skin rashes, pimples, hirsutism, and skin discoloration
the adverse drug reactions of using the antibiotic may include the appearance of local burning or

All dermatological diseases which are pre infected with bacterial[ viral or fungal infections
Skin and leg ulceration open wounds and acne rosacea.
Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients .

Long term of the treatment and application on large surface areas may lead to penetration
of the corticosteroid to the circulation system- then manifestation of the side effects of cortcosteroids
may develop
Should be administrated with caution to  pregnant, nursing mother, children and infants

Uses & Administration:
Apply a thin layer of cinolone-N cream or ointment topically twice daily.
Duration of the treatment should not exceed 8 days. For containuation or withdrawal of medication
consult medical advise.

Storage conditions: Store up to 25oC
Packing :Cinolon-N cream and ointment : tube of 20 & 40 g