• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Syrup
  • Composition : Vit.A 2500 IU + 1.05 mg+ 1.2 mg + Vit.B6 1.05 mg+Vit.B12 4.5 mcg. + Vit.E 15 IU + Vit.C 60 mg+ Vit.D 400 IU+Nicotinamide 13.5 mg + Iron 10 mg/5 mL
  • Active Substance : Iron+Nicotinamide+Vit.D+Vit.C+Vit.E+Vit.B12+Vit.B6+ Vit.B2+Vit.A

Properties :

* Vit A: is necessary for proper functioning of the retina, it appears to be essential to the integrity
of epithelial cells
* Vit B1 (Thiamine): essential coenzyme for carbohydrate metabolism
* VitB2 (Riboflavine): essential for utilization of energy from food
* Vit B6 (Pyridoxine): involved mainly in amino acid metabolism
* Vit B12 (cyanocobalamin): coenzyme in nucleil acid synthesis
* Vit C (Ascorbic acid) : essential for the synthesis of the collagen and intracellular material
*Vit D: essential for the proper regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis and bon
* Vit PP (Nicotinamide): converts to NAD and NADP , two coenzymes involved in electron transfer reactions in the respiratory chain
*Vit E: vitamin E is used in the treatment and prevention of vitamin E deficiency. It prevents the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids .
*Iron: iron is an essential constituent of the body, being necessary for hemoglobin formation
and for the oxidative processes of living tissues. Iron and its salts should only be given for the treatment
or Prophylaxis of iron-deficiency anemias.

Indications :
Decavitamin is used for the prophylaxis and treatment of vitamins and iron deficiency such as :
Disorders of absorption.
Reduced dietary intake.
Administration of anticonvulsant, or chemotheraqeutic agents.
After prolonged treatment with antibiotics.
Pregnancy and lactation: For the treatment of vitamin deficiency diseases such as: Pellagra,
Beriberi, Glossitis.
Anemia due to poor diet, blood loss or iron deficiency.
It is used in liver diseases, polyneuritis , during growth of children , in adolescents , loss of appetite ,
At times of high susceptibility to cold, to reinforce power of resistance in infections .

Contra indications : Decavitamin is not indicated for patients sensitive to any of its components.

Side effects :
In rare cases may occur : Nausea, diarrhea , urticaria and pruritus.

Precautions :
Vitamin C may interfere with the test for urinary glucose.
Iron may interfere with the tests for detecting blood in stools.
Yellow discoloration of the urine is due to the vitamin B2 content.

Dosage and Administration :
Prophylaxis :
Infant and children : I teaspoonful of syrup daily.
Adults : one spoonful daily.
Therapy :
According to the severity of the deficiency symptoms of vitamins.
Infant and children : 1 teaspoonful ( 2 – 3 ) times daily.
Adults : one spoonful ( 2 – 3 ) times daily.

Shake well befor using.

Storage: Store at temperature below 30 C away from children.
Packaging: 100 ml in glass bottle.