• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Dexamethasone Sod. Phose.1 mg+ Chloramphenicol 4 mg / 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Dexamethasone Sod. Phos.+Chloramphenicol

Properties :   

*Dexamethasone is a potent corticosteroid with anti allergic , anti exudative and anti proliferative properties .

*Chloramphenicol  is  a broad – spectrum  bacteriostatic  antibiotic  which  acts  by

inhiting the bacterial protein synthesis .

The  corticosteroid  – antiboitic association reduces inflammation while concurrently attacking the  existing infection or preventing  the outbreak of infection .

Indications :

* Inflammatory diseases of the anterior segment of  the eye,produced by or  associated

with germs sensitive to chloramphenicol .

* Allergic inflammations associated with infection .

* Acute and chronic conjunctivitis.

* Non-ulcerous keratitis.

*Ocular post-operative treatment .

 In the event of severe infections the treatment  should be complemented by the systemic administration of an adequate antibiotic .

Precaution :

*Dexachlor may increase intraocular pressure particularly pateints with family  history

of  glaucoma ,  therefore  must  be  administered  only  under  physician  supervision  .

* Due to potential toxic effect of chloramphenicol on bone – marrow do not

use unless absolutely necessary,  and only for infections produced by germs sensitive to the antibiotic .

* Prolonged use is not recommended .

Interactions :

* Do not use concurrently with other ophthalmic preparations containing  other antibiotics or sulphonamides .

*Do not use with bactericidal  antibiotics because of the  possibility of antagonism.

Contra  Indications:

* Glaucoma  simplex.                          * Hypersensitivity  to any of components product .

* Viral , fungal infections , or ocular tuberculosis .

* New  born  infants   or   patients   with  a  history    of   bone –  marrow   insufficiency .

Side effects :

* Prolonged treatment  with   corticosteroids  may  increase   intraocular pressure with

related consequenses .

* Fungal  infections of  the cornea  or  infections  due  to  the  other  non  susceptible

 organisms   may   occur  .  In   which   event  medication   should  be  interrupted   and

 adequate measures taken .

* Chloramphenicol can produce alterations in bone-marrow, basically aplastic alterations .

* If Chloramphenicol is administered systemically medication can cause allergic reactions,

 in which event treatment should be discontinued .

Dosage and Administration  :

Normally treatment begin with  one or two drops  every  three  hours  or  more frequently in the first 48 hours.Once an improvement in condition  is  obtained  dosage is reduced to one or two drops three times a day  .Treatment  should  be  continued  for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have disappeared.Use for more than 14 days  is  not recommended , unless otherwise advised by physician .

Packaging :  Bottle  10  ml.