• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Oral Solution
  • Composition : Nifuroxazide 220 mg / 5 mL
  • Active Substance : Nifuroxazide

Properties :
– Nifuroxazide is a intestinal antibacterial agent which acts mainly by intra -luminal contact , it is poorly
absorbed form the gastro – intestinal tract.

Indications :
This preparation is used for the treatment of acute diarrhea presumed to be of bacterial origin , in the
absence of suspected invasive phenomena .Treatment does not obviate the need for rehydration when it is required . The degree and administration route of rehydration should be adjusted according to the severity of diarrhea , to the age and the clinical state of the patient .

– Hypersensitivity to any of the components of product, and to nitrofurane derivatives
– Premature and newborn infants under one month .
– this drug is contraindicated in cases of fructose intolerance , glucose and galactose
Malabsorption syndrom , or in Saccharose – iso moltase deficiency .

Precautions :
* In case of presence of blood or mucous in the stools, fever , vomiting, or other simultaneous
gastrointestinal disorders, you should inform your doctor.
* It is better using this product during pregnancy and lactation period as physician prescriptions.

Dosage & Administration :
* Children one teaspoonful (5 ml ) three times daily ,
* Adults: one tablet of Diarrhex four times daily or one spoonful (10ml) of Diarrhex suspension twice daily.
* Treatment period should not be excceding 7 days .

Storage conditions :
Store oral suspension below 25 °C .
Packaging :
Diarrhex Oral suspension : bottle contains 100 ml .