• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Fluorometholone 1 mg+ Gentamicine Sulphate 3 mg / 1ml
  • Active Substance : Gentamicine Sulphate+Fluorometholone

Properties :

Gentamicin: Gentamicin belongs to the group of bacterial amino-glycoside antibiotic .

the Present situation of susceptibility still covers a broad spectrum of gram – positive and gram – negative Pathogens, including Pseudomonas  aeruginosa ,Staphylococci , Haemophiles  influenza and  egypticus Klebsiella  Enterobacteria  , proteus ,Escherichia coli , Shigella and Salmonella .

Fluorometholone: Fluorometholone is a synthetic corticosteroid possessing anti-inflammatory properties  it exerts a striking effect on lymphoid tissues , and to a lesser degree than other steroids immunological reactions.


the combination brings concomitantly the bacterial   treatment or prophylaxis  and  anti-inflammatory effects . In addition the presence of Gentamicin protects from a  risk of potential aggravation of a bacterial Infection due to  the steroids .

Indications :

-Infection of the anterior segment of the eye due to bacteria susceptible to Gentamicin, include Conjunctivitis , keratitis  and  keratoconjunctivitis , blepharitis and blepharoconjunctivitis ,Acute meibomainitis ,and dacryocystitis .

Contra Indications -Hypersensitivity against Gentamicin , Fluorometholone , benzalkonium chloride or Any of the components

– corneal ulcers.

-Viral infections ( e.g. herpes simplex , vaccinia ) or fungal infections  .

– Eye tuberculosis .

– Glaucoma .

Adverse reactions :a  transient burning at instillation has been reported in a few cases .

rare : hypersensitivity reactions with itching , redding  and photosensitivity .

Precautions : 

– Prolonged use  of steroids may cause raised intra ocular pressure , although with Fluorometholone The  incidence is much less than with other steroids .

– steroids may delay wound  healing after intra ocular  surgery .

if applied immediately after surgery.

-Long term treatment with steroids may enhance thinning of cornea and sclera, and rarely , perforation Of the cornea has been reported .

Pregnancy and lactation :

-No controlled studies in humans are available .Administration during pregnancy and  lactation is  Therefore not recommended , except for compelling reasons .

Dosage/and Administration :

Eye drops : bacterial infections :

The dosage depends on the severity of the affection .

 The application of 1 drop 5 times daily Instilled into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye  is recommended .

Eye ointment :

bacterial infections :

apply 3-4 times daily into the affected eye .

Packaging :

Bottle 10 ml Eye drops.

Tube 5 g. Eye ointment