• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Lomefloxacin HCl 3.31 mgEq. Lomefloxacin 3 mg/ 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Lomefloxacin HCl

Properties :

Lomefloxacin   is   one  of   difluoroquinolone   derivatives,   it  is  a bacterial  inhibitor effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria .

Lomefloxacin  interferes  in bacterial DNA related processes, where it target  the  subunit  A  of  bacterial enzyme ( topoismerase  II )  and   forms  a stable  complex  between  quinolone  and  the  whole tetramer A2B2 which leads to  impaired  enzyme  functions,  resulting in a rapid killing of sensetive bacteria

Indications :

Bacterial  infections   of   the   anterior   segment   including   conjunctivitis,  blepharitis,   and    blepharoconjunctivitis     which    due   to   Lomefloxacin  susceptible germs .

Contraindications :

* Hypersensitivity to any of the product components

* Since  the  penetration of Lomefloxacin through the cornea is limited . It is  not indicated in cases of bacterial keratitis and endophthalmitis .

* Pregnancy and lactation .

Precautions : * Long term treatment with antibiotics may enhance develop- ment   of   secondary   fungal   infections   or   may  support   growth  of  non susceptible bacteria .

* During  treatment with Lomoquin  intensive  exposure  to sunlight or UV-  radiation should be avoided

* The   drug  should  only be used when the benifit outweighs  the  potential  risk  for the foetus or the infant during pregnancy and lactation period .

Adverse reactions :

*  Slight    and    transient    burning  immediately  after following instillation of the eye drops .

* Since the following allergic reactions have been reported after systemic use of  Lomefloxacin  they  can  not  be  excluded  after  topical ophthalmic use :

( allergic   reactions,   asthma,   dyspnea,   urticaria,  erythema,  pruritus, and sensibility ) .

Interactions :

* In   order   to   avoid  reduction  of  efficacy,  no  ophthalmic  preperation  containing  heavy  metals  such  as  Zinc, should be used during 15minutes following applications  of  Lomoquin .

* Ophthalmic    antibiotics    should    not    be    used   concomitantly   with Lomoquin product.

Dosage :

Instill  1  drop  into  the  lower  conjunctival  sac.   2 – 3  times  daily   at  the beginning  of  the  treatment  applications  should  be  more  frequent  where apply 5 drops within 20 minutes or 1 drop every hour during 6 – 10 hours .

Period of the treatment : 7 to 9 days .

Note : once opened the drops must not be used for longer than one month .

Packaging : Bottle of 10 ml.