• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Cream
  • Composition : Mafenid acetate 112.37 mg Eq. Mafenid Base 85 mg / 1 g
  • Active Substance : Mafenid

Properties :

Mafenide  is  a sulfonamide antibacterial agent, It is baceriostatic for many gram-negative   and   gram-positive   organisms,   including   pseudomonas  aeruginosa  and certain strains   of  anaerobes . It   is   contrary   sulfonamide   where   it  does  not  inhibit  by  para-

aminobenzoic  acid  or  by  serum or pus. Mafenide is freely  soluble  and  diffuses  into  escharTopical  Mafenide  produces  a marked  reduction  in  the number  of  bacteria,  which appeara vascular tissue  of   second – and   third – degree   burns .  Therefore,  it  causes  spontaneous healing of deep and thickness burns .

Indications :

Mafimed cream or ointment is used as a primary therapy :

* For the  prophylaxis  of  infections  and  treatment it in burns .

* For the treatment  of  burns infections  in patients having a deep eschar .

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to the Mafenide acetate .

Side effects :

Mafimed  may  cause  pain  or  a burning  sensation  when application it on the burnt   areas,  with   bleeding .  The   separation  of  the  eschar  may  be  delayed  and  fungal proliferation   has  been  reported .  Mafimed  may  be  absorbed following topical application and produces systemic effects similar to those of other sulphonamides .

Precautions :

 * It  should  be  used  with  caution in patients with blood dyscrasia, glucose-6-

phosphate   dehydrogenase  (G6PD)  dificiency,  metabolic acidosis  and  pulmonary  or  renal function   disorder  ( Mafenide   and   its   metabolite   inhibit   carbonic   anhydrase   activity, causing acidosis ).

* Acid – base  balance  should  therefore  be  monitored  and treatment should be temporarily stopped and fluid therapy given if persistent acidosis occurs.

* Pregnancy  : should  not  be  recommended  in pregnant woman unless the burn area covers more  than  20%  of  the  total  body  surface, therefore  Mafimed  should not be used at term

* Caution  is  recommended  in nursing mother, since systemically administered sulfonamides are distributed into breast milk and may cause kernicterus in infants .

* Should not be recommended  in premature  or  newborn infants under  to  2 months  of age Precautions while using this medication : * Regular visits to physician to check progress .

* Checking  with  physician  if  no  improvement  occurs  within  a few  days  or  weeks .

Usage & Administration : 

Before  applying, cleaning affected area, removing  necrotizing or burnt  skin . Wearing  a sterile gloves to apply the medication, applying a thin layer to affected area .

 Keeping  affected  area,  covered with the medication at all times . After applying, cover treated area with a dressing or leave treated area uncovered as desired .

Compliance   with   full   course  of  therapy,  continuing  medication until burn has healed or ready for grafting .

Packing :

Mafimed Cream or Ointment : Tube of 20 – 40 – 70 g