• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Azelastine HCl 0.5 mg/ 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Azelastine HCl

Properties :
Azelastine Hcl has the actions of the histamine H1 receptor antagonists In addition Azelastine appears to inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells .

Indications :
Ophta – zine eye drops is used to treat itching of the eye caused by a condition Known as allergic conjunctivitis .

Contraindications :
Ophta-zine eye drops is contraindicated in patients with a known
hypersensitivity To Azelastine Hcl or any of its components .

Pregnaney and lactation :
Ophta – zine eye drops should be used with care in pregnant woman and nursing mothers
Ophta – zine eye drop should be carfully used in pediatric patients below the Age of 12 years .

Side effects :
Bitter taste in mouth , headaches , temporary eye burning or stinging , dry or itching Eyes , blurred vision.

Dosage :
For eye allergy :
Adults and children 3 years of age and older , use one drop in the
affected Eye twice daily .
Children younger than 3 years of age , use and dose must be
determined by Your doctor .

Storage conditions : store up to 25°C
Packing : bottle of 10 ml.