• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Cromolyn Sodium 40 mg/ 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Cromolyn Sodium

Properties :

In  vitro  and  in  vivo  animal  studies  have  shown  that  Cromolyn Sodium inhibits  the degranulation   of   sensitized   mast  cells  which  occurs  after exposure to specific antigens which inhibit the release of histamine .

Indications :

For the treatment of limited ocular infections such as :

* Vernal keratoconjunctivitis .

* Giant papilary conjunctivitis .

* Vernal keratitis .

* Vernal conjunctivitis .

Symptomatic  response  to  therapy  ( decreases itching, tearing, redness, and secretion )  is  usually  evident  within a few days but longer treatment for up to six weeks is sometimes required .

Contraindications :

* Ophtasense 40  is   contraindicated  in  those  patients  who  have  shown hypersensitivity to Cromolyn Sodium.

* Patients  are  advised not to wear soft contact lenses during treatment with Ophtasense 40

Side effects :

* As   result   to   the   prolonged    use  of   Ophtasense 40,   it   may   occur transient ocular stinging or burning .

* In   some   patients   rarely   may  report,  pruritus,  dryness around the eye, inflation, eye irritation, stye .

Pregnancy effects :

adverse fetal  effects  ( increased resorption and decrease fetal weight )  were Note at the very high doses .

Nursing mothers effects :

Caution  should  be exercised  when  Ophtasense 40  is  administered to the  Nursing mother

Pediatric effect :

Children below the age of 4 years have not been established .

Dosage & Administration :

Adults & children above the age of 4 years is : (1-2) drops of Ophtasense 40 (4-6) times daily at regular intervals .

That the effects of  Ophtasense 40 therapy is dependent upon its administr- ation at regular intervals .

Note : once opened the drops must not be used for longer than one month .

Packing :

 Bottle 5 – 10 ml.