• Therapeutic Category
    • Analagesics
    • Ear, Nose, and Oropharynx
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Ear drops
  • Composition : Lidocaine HCl 16.6 mg + Phenazone 33.3 mg + Sulphanilamide 33.3 mg / 1g
  • Active Substance : Lidocaine HCl +Phenazone+Sulphanilamide

Properties :
Oticol otic drops contains a considerable combination of the active ingredients which
have various pharmacological effects by virtue of the presence of Lidocaine & Antipyrine
which has prompt analgesic effect due to it’s local anesthetic properties for relieve of
different painful conditions as a consequence of Inflammation .
Sulfanilamide provides local bactericidal action which caused the inflammatory, so it is
Provide the ear and auditory canals effected to cure .
The excipient of Oticol contributes to the disintegration and dissolves the desiccated
secretions partially or totally obstructing the auditory canals subsequently Releasing the
residues in the Auditory canals, thus allowing significant purgation of the ear .

Indications :
* Acute otitis media accompanied with tymopanomstoiditis .
* Traumatic ear infections .
* Treatment of otalgia due to infections or any other causatives .

Precautions :
* Oticol should be given to pregnant women only if clearly needed .
* Caution should be exercised when Oticol is administered to nursing women .

Side effects :
* It may cause hypersensitivity reactions as skin eruption .
* Large doses by mouth may cause nausea, drowsiness, and convulsions .

Uses & administration :
As prescription physician, or instill one or two drops into the ear (3 – 6) times daily .
Note : Administration of antibiotics and other medications could be safely used in
association with Oticol otic drops .

Storage conditions :
Store at temperature below 25°C

Packing : Bottle contains 10 ml.