• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Pilocarpine HCl 20 mg / 1 ml
  • Active Substance : Pilocarpine HCl

Properties :

Pilocarpine   is   sympathomimetic   agent  with   the   muscarinic   effects   of acetylcholine, it is mainly used as a miotic in the treatment of glaucoma .

Miosis  occurs  in  about  10  to  30  minutes  and lasts 4 to 8 hours while peak reduction  in   intra-ocular   pressure   occurs   within  15  minutes   and   the reduction usually persists for 4 to 14 hours .

Indications :

Pilocarpine drops is used in following cases :

* Reduce   intraocular   pressure   in  open -angle  glaucoma .

* Control intraocular pressure in chronic simplex glaucoma .

* Pilocarpine  drops  may  also  be used as part of the emergency treatment of acute attacks of closed – angle glaucoma prior to surgery .

Side Effects :

Pilocarpine HCL  is  usually   good  tolerated  but in the common with other miotics   may  produce   ciliary   spasm,   ocular  pain  and  irritation,  blurred vision, myopia , headache around orbit , alternate headache .

Contra-indications :

* Miotics   are  contraindicated  in  conditions  where  pupillary  constriction undiserable  such  as :  acute   iritis,  acute  uveitis, anterior uveitis, and some forms of secondary glaucoma .

* Hypersensitivity to any of its components .

Precautions :

* Miotics  should  be  used  with extreme caution in patients with a history of retinal detachment and in young patient with myopia .

* Miosis  may  cause  difficulty  with dark adaptation and caution is necessary with night driving or when hazardous tasks are undertaken in poor illumination .

* Avoid overdosage .

Dosage & Administration :

Instill two drops in the eye ( 3 – 4 ) times daily .

Under selection conditions more frequent instillation may be indicated .

Important Note : Pilocarpine  ophthalmic solution  should  not be used after one month of opening the Container .

Packing :

Bottle 10 ml.