• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Drops
  • Composition : Rifamycin Sodium 10 mg/1 ml
  • Active Substance : Rifamycin Sodium

Properties :

Rifamycin  is  a broadspectrum  bacteriocidal  antibiotic  in  ocular infectionsIt  is  active against  a wide  variety  of  pathogenic  gram-positive  and gram-negative  bacteria,  and  it is  also  active  against   most  of   the   pathogenicresponsible  bacteria   for ocular infections such as : chlamydia trachomatous,staphylococcus     aureus,     all      form       streptococcus, pneumococcus,corynobacterium diphtheriae,  neisseria  menigitidis,  neisseria  gonorrhoeae, pseudomonas   and   proteus,  in  additional  to   its  important  effect  against tubercle  bacillus .

Indications :

Rifamed is indicated in the topical treatment of infections of the external eye and  its adnexa, caused by susceptible bacteria, such as :

– Acute, subacute or chronic bacterial conjunctivitis .

– Blepharitis .

– Keratitis .

– Dacryocystitis .

Dosage & Administration :

Rifamed  ophthalmic drops : instill one or two drops in the affected eye every4-6 hours .

Rifamed  ophthalmic  ointment :  apply  to  the  affected eye once or twice at bedtime .

Frequency of administration may be increased in severe cases .

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to Rifamycin .

Precautions :

1)Prolonged   use   of   topical  antibiotics   may  cause  to overgrowth of non-susceptible  organisms.

2)This  preparation  should  not  be  given  to  patients  using  contact lenses, because  of  lens discoloration .

3) If    irritation   or   hypersensitivity  to  the  drug  develops, discontinue the treatment  and   institute   appropriate   therapy .

4)  The  period  of  the  treatment should  not  excess  10  days .

Side effects :

Transient irritation, allergic reactions have been reported .

Important Note : Rifamed ophthalmic solution  should  not be used after one month of opening the container .

Packaging :

* Rifamed Ophthalmic solution :  10 ml.

* Rifamed ophthalmic ointment : 5 g.