• Therapeutic Category
  • Pharmaceutical Form : Eye Ointments
  • Composition : Dexamethasone 1 mg / 1 gr
  • Active Substance : Dexamethasone

Properties :
A highly effective anti-inflammatory agent for use in a wide range of ocular Inflammation .

Indications :
For use in treatment of certain inflammatory conditions of the anterior uveitis , iritis, iridocyclitis , Ophthalmicus , External diseases such as non-specific superficial keratitis , Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis , vernal ,allergic and non purulent conjunctivitis , in recurrent marginal ulceration of toxic or allergicetiology , thermal and Chemical burns , post-operatively to reduce Inflammatory Reactions .

Contra-indications :

Herpes simplex and other viral disease of the cornea and Conjunctivita ,fungal diseases ,tuberculosis and acute purulent untreated infections .

Precautions :
Extended use of topical steroids may increase intraocular pressure which should be checked frequently .
In diseases causing thinning of cornea , perforation has been known to occur with the use of topical steroids . If the inflammatory does not respond within a reasonable period, other forms of therapy should be instituted .
If any reactions Indicating Sensitivity is observed , discontinue use .
The safety of intensive or protracted use of topical steroids during pregnancy has Not been Studied .

Side effects :
– glaucoma with optic nerve damage .
– visual acuity and field defects .
– posterior sub capsular cataract formation .
– secondary ocular infection from pathogens.

Dosage :
Apply topically 3 – 4 times daily for three or four days or until a satisfactory response is made. Then may reduce the dosage to 2 – 3 times daily for one or two weeks . If Favorable response is not obtained in three to four days systemic therapy should be instituted .

storage conditions: store up to 25°c
Packaging : Tube of 5 gram .