Company Profile

Medico Labs was founded in 1958 in Homs, as a pharmaceutical company. In the year 2000 the company moved to the new qualified and validated location with an area of 14000 m2 which was designed to comply with the strictest European GMP regulations. Production area of Company consists of non-antibiotics plant (Processing & Packaging unit) and antibiotics plant (Processing & Packaging unit).

Today, medico is well-equipped to face the challenges of 21st century due to the professionalism in its operation and commitment to its long term development objectives. Production areas comply with European GMP regulations from all phases of production starting from material receiving to processing and storing.


  • 1958 Establishment of Medico Labs
  • 2000 Moving to a new location
  • 2009 obtaining GMP Certificate from PIC/S Organization
  • 2011 Establishing a division for producing sterile productions using the BFS Technique.

Medico Labs manufacture the following pharmaceutical forms:
* Tablets, coated tablets, capsules, lozenges
* Ophthalmic, nasal & otic drops
* Creams, ointments, gel & ophthalmic ointments
* Syrups
* Ovules & Suppositories
* Antibiotics: capsules, tablets, dry powder
* Solutions & Shampoo
* Aseptic & disinfectant
* Food Supplements
* Mono-dose drops & Solutions for injection